Camp SoulGrow was created to nurture creativity and provide opportunities for children to build confidence and self esteem.  We utilize the entire community to teach children new skills, hobbies and passions to open their minds and learn outside the classroom.  Given the diversity of the camp’s curriculum, children are able to try new things, learn to be open-minded, find things they never knew they were good at, and build confidence to be creative and independent thinkers.  We are building these kids to grow confidently into their true selves and follow their passions, whatever they may be, and at the same time instilling in them a sense of creative entrepreneurship.  We enchant kids with adventure, knowledge, and fun without them relying on technology to do things for them.  We are teaching real skills and giving them the confidence to be anything they dream of.  The activities provided at Camp SoulGrow are not only enriching, they are community building-- interconnecting the businesses and youth.  By giving them real-life, hands-on opportunities to learn from the people around them, we’re instilling hopeful possibility and inspiration in unconventional, nonlinear ways throughout the community.  Camp SoulGrow is more than just a camp: it’s an opportunity for the future of our community to grow, not just for the kids but also for the people who volunteer and teach the camps.  We are for everyone: we are a cycle of sharing, giving and learning.  Camp SoulGrow - Inspiring children's growth from the inside out!