We love being able to share our creative side and express how our souls shine! We made a list of the top 3 things we are grateful for and painted canvases that express what is in our heart, to take home and to remind us how lucky we are. We also had such a blast making a Camp SoulGrow canvas, posters, signs and cards for people we love and appreciate. We played with the Polaroid camera, and of course we always get carried away with the face paint because.. why not.. it’s SOUL much fun being as free as we can be!! Oh and we had popsicles too!




Camp SoulGrow 2023 Holidays at The Buras YMCA - January

We love gardening and growing! We learned the basics to gardening and planted our own perrineal and succulent plants to take home! We learn so much from plants and flowers and how to care for things so they will grow! We decorated our planters and had such a fun time together being messy doing real, peaceful things! And our plants are all so beautiful and we are so grateful!

Happy New Year! We are so grateful and excited for all the fun and enriching things we have planned together for this new year!! We started out our 2023 Camp SoulGrow Holiday workshops at the Y with fitness because we know how important it is to take care of our bodies and keep them healthy.. We had such a fun time learning new exercises, working on our breathing, stretching, and laughing a ton! We feel full of life and we are grateful for our energy! After we worked out, we got the food ready and had a great big luncheon together .. What a wonderful way to start the day!