What an awesome time we always have with Mr Ralph Perricelli! We made popcorn, Mr Ralph played his guitar and we sang songs and learned how to hold a beat, watched how to cut glass, and started a Camp SoulGrow Stained Glass mural on a giant piece of driftwood! We are so grateful for all his generosity and love all the creative and fun things we learn! Thank you for being a part of our family Ralphie, we love you so much!!!

What an amazing time we had doing gymnastics with Kate & Bailey!!! We learned all about what it takes to be a gymnast- we stretched, worked on our balance, learned how to leap, and all sorts of tricks! We also got a special mini-show from Kate Usher of The Sturdy Souls who has a voice that is unique, uplifting, and inspiring... she sang and walked on her hands!!!! We were so impressed and feel grateful for such inspiration! Thank you SOUL MUCH girls for coming back we love you and think you're just as awesome as you are talented!!!

Hiking Amsterdam Beach Preserve

We are so grateful for this special community and love spending time outside together sharing in creativity and unity.. We love going to the Concerts on The Green put on by the Montauk Chamber of Commerce! We hung out, chilled, relaxed during sunset, listened to great music, and had delicious pizza from Sausage's Pizza! It truly is the community that makes Montauk and we are grateful to be apart of it!

Boxing with Richie Daunt

Pool Party at The Montauk Yacht Club

Water Works at Third House

It was rainy all morning but that didn't stop us from breathing in all the benefits of fresh salt air-- because we started our day at the Montauk Salt Cave! We took our SoulGrow Bus over to the Montauk Salt Cave and learned all the benefits of salt therapy, learned how to slow our minds down and meditate, and Ms Linda showed us how to do reiki! What a relaxing and peaceful way to start our day.. Thank you Montauk Salt Cave for having us back we absolutely love you and appreciate all you do for so many!

Water Works at Third House

Gardening with Groundworks

We LOVE Carol Sharks and all her creative ways! Since it's fourth of July weekend, we learned how to make cool American friendship bracelets! It definitely took our concentration and focus learning the complicated knots, but we are so happy to be able to take simple things and put our love into them to make meaningful gifts! Thank you Carol for all your awesome crafts and caring, we love you and can't wait to have you back again!!!

Meditation & Reiki at the Montauk Salt Cave

We love nature and we love being active, so of course we had SUCH a blast hiking the Amsterdam Beach Preserve Trail! While hiking the 1.2 miles there (and back) we took time to listen to the birds, notice the beautiful colors of the trees and leaves, breathe in the fresh forest and ocean air, and ended up on a beautiful secluded beach overlooking Andy Warhol's estate! It was a wonderful time being active in the beauty of nature and we are so grateful for the preservation of Montauk!

We had a TKO time learning the basics to boxing with Richie Daunt! We started off learning how to wrap our hands, learn the basics to punching, blocking, and how to protect ourselves! We had SUCH a great workout with TONS of laughs and we are so grateful for Richie to come and share his passion with us!

Art with Sharks!

We kicked off our Thursday residency at The Montauk Yacht Club Marina with a pool party!!! We played in the pool, made our official Camp SoulGrow travel sign, played in the playground and enjoyed being together at such an amazing place!!! Thank you Montauk Yacht Club Resort & Marina for having us, we are looking forward to an incredible summer together!!!!

Navy Seals at Navy Beach Restaurant

What do we do with a huge hill in our 6-acre frontyard?-- We roll out a massive 100-foot slip-n-slide and grab the hoses and soap!!!!!!! This is what summer living is all about-- running free and laughing with friends in the beauty of nature!!!!! We are so grateful for Third House and so excited to be alive!!!!

Gymnastics with Kate Usher and Bailey Malloy

Concert on The Green

What an awesome afternoon at Navy Beach Restaurant with inspiration and appreciation for the The Navy Seal Foundation! We had a Navy Seals inspired drill session with Antoine Waldo and Shona, then a Navy Seals Foundation lesson over an amazing lunch provided by Navy Beach Restaurant! We finished the workshop learning how to skip rocks and enjoy the simple yet magnificent gifts nature has to offer! And what a spectacular view Navy Beach has!!!!!! Thank you Navy Beach for having us back again... and for feeding our minds, bodies, and souls.. we love you!!!

Construction with Christopher Conroy

Every day is a great day for us, having fun and living free with friends! We are so grateful for being at Third House and being able to roll out our 100-ft slip n slide and make unforgettable childhood memories to last a lifetime! Happy summer- we are just getting started!!!!!

Since it's our first day we of course had to plant our garden!!! We learned the basics to gardening and planted our pots for Third House with the most beautiful flowers... and planted our own pots of strawberries to take home and grow! Thank you Groundworks for donating these amazing plants and flowers that help us learn so much about how to care for things so they will grow!

How wonderful it is to create with our hands! We rolled up our sleeves and took a carpentry 101 camp from Christopher Conroy of Conroy Builders and learned how to work with food and build our own bird feeders! Chris was so kind to pre-cut wood and made bird house kits for us to put together, paint, and take home! What an awesome time we had learning useful skills with new friends to help animals! Thank you so much Chris for coming back again and showing how to build!

Popcorn, Music, and Stained Glass Murals with Ralph Pericelli

Camp soulGrow Summer 2017 - Week 1