We took a beautiful hike through Squiretown Park to the West Landing beach and played in the beautiful Peconic Bay on such a psrfect summer day with new friends... life is great and we are so grateful!

Pool Party at The Atlantic Terrace

Celebration Luncheon at Bobby Van's & Ice Cream at Candy Kitchen

Tick Poster Awards Ceremony at the Suffolk County Legislature

Beach Party in Hampton Bays

What a fun day on the Viking Classic!!! We took an Eco-Tour with Captain Sarah Broadwell and pulled up lobster traps and learned about local water species and wildlife at Shagwong Point, then cruised over to Navy Beach to jump off the boat and swim and play in the water with all kinds of water toys! Welted the anchor, made popcorn, and headed back to the Inlet! Was an amazing day to be on -and in- the water! Thank you so much Captain Sarah and of course the Viking ClassiC!!

Painting in Hampton Bays

What a fun time we had at Zum Schneider for our third year in a row!!!!  We went in the kitchen and learned how to make schnitzel from scratch, played foosball, then had an awesome lunch together eating what we made!  Thank you so much, Zum schneider for having us again this summer-- we always have such a blast-- and your food & staff is amazing!!!

What an honor is was being honored at the Suffolk County Legislature! Ms April Boitano came and taught us how to be #TickWise through her amazing program withSouthampton Hospital, then we made our own posters and entered the 2nd Annual Tick Poster Contest.. and we won!!!!  We got all dressed up and took our SoulGrow Bus to the Suffolk County Legislature in Riverhead and met Suffolk County Legislator Bridget Fleming who does so much for Suffolk County, learned about how government works, and was honored at the ceremony with awards and prizes! It was SUCH a special day we will remember forever-- Thank you so much Legislator Bridget Fleming, April Boitano from TickWise, Southampton Hospital, and Suffolk County for an unforgettable day that filled our hearts with love and pride!!!!

We love getting all painty and expressing ourselves!!!! We made abstract paintings with acrylic that express 1) our mood for the day and the colors of our hearts 2) our favorite part about ourselves 3) why we are grateful for our parents... it was so fun pushing ourselves, pulling what is inside of us and putting it on paper with all the colors and freedom we want! We broke out the face paint then gave presentations explaining our creations. It was so nice to just be creative and connect with ourselves and each other!

Cooking German Food at Zum Schneider

Camp soulGrow Summer 2017 - Week 9

Visiting the Montauk Point Lighthouse

The Atlantic Terrace is one of the best spots in Montauk and we had such a fun time playing in the pool and with all the outdoor games! Thanks so much Collin for having us again this year--- we absolutely LOVE the Atlantic Terrace!

Eco-Tour and Water Party on the Viking Classic

After our big awards we celebrated in style and went to lunch at Bobby Van's! We had such a great time sitting at the big round table in the back and felt super V.I.P. ordering bottomless Shirley Temples and eating such great food together all dressed up!!! It was SO delicious and fun and we felt SO special... then we were surprised with ice cream from the Candy Kitchen!!!!!!  What a truly memorable and special day for us, we are so beyond grateful!!!! 

We love Montauk for its beauty and history, so we LOVE going to the Montauk Point Lighthouse!   We always learn so much and have such a fun time (and workout) climbing to the top!   Thank you, Montauk Point Lighthouse, for having us back!!!