Cooking at Almond Restaurant in Bridgehampton

Visiting the South Fork Natural History Museum

Banking at Bridgehampton National Bank

What a priceless time we had banking at Bridgehampton National Bank!!!! We went over to their headquarters in Bridgehampton and were given such a fun V.I.P. tour and learning experience!!! We learned what the bank tellers do, how the money counters work, went into the vault, made an ATM withdrawl and deposit, toured the building and visited the President's office, had our own meeting in the board room, and were given amazing gift bags and $2 bills! It was truly an amazing, enriching, and special experience we will remember forever!!! Thank you Bridgehampton National Bank for all you do for so many communities--- we love you!!!

It's been so great going to the Montauk Yacht Club every week!  Thank you so much, Montauk Yacht Club, for your open arms and generosity! We love you!

Camp soulGrow Summer 2017 - Week 8

Pool Party & Arcade at The Montauk Yacht Club

We took our SoulGrowBus to Bridgehampton and visited the South Fork Natural History Museum! We had such a fun time exploring and discovering all about the animals, their natural habitats, and the wildlife species that make up our Eastern Long Island heritage!

What an awesome time we had cooking at Almond Restaurant in Bridgehampton!!!! We took our SoulGrow Bus over to Bridgehampton and had the most amazing cooking class and lunch with our OG Chef Kid, Jeremy Blutstein, who has been teaching us cooking workshops since 2014!!!!! Jeremy, Jason Weiner, Eric Lemonedes, and Colin Ambrose took us through the kitchens... We learned how to scale a 35lb striped bass, gut it, make personal macaroni and cheese pots, mixed vegetable salads, then went in the dining room and had a great time eating it all!!!! We learned so much and had such a truly memorable and fun time... .Thank you so much!