1/2 Day Fishing on the Lazybones Fishing Boat

Every year we look forward to our 1/2 day fishing trip on the Lazybnes because it's such a special and fun day for us!!!! We boarded the Lazybones and had such a great time being on the boat in the beauty of nature, learning how to use a fishing pole and bait our own hooks, laughing, and catching fish!!!! It was SUCH a fun and unforgettable experience and we are so grateful for the Lazy Bones and their amazing crew for letting us enjoy and be a part of something that makes Montauk so special-- it's fishing! Wonderful lifelong memories were made, as it was the 1st time fishing for most of us, and we can't wait to get back on the water and fish again with the Lazybones! Thank you so much we love you more than all the fish in the sea!!!!!!!!!!

Acting in Hampton Bays

We had a fun time being creative and active making our very own obstacle course! We created a path way and fun maze of adventure using gymnastics and yoga equipment and had a completion! Was so fun and we a got great workout!

Obstacle Coarse in Hampton Bays

HipHop in Hampton Bays

We love using our imaginations and energy to create joy- which is why we love acting! We had such a blast learning acting techniques and practicing accents, learned how to stay in character, played dress up, and performed our own skits for our parents and friends! We definitely had such a blast letting our souls shine free!

We took a fun and funky hip hop class from our head kid and learned isolations, how to use our levels, and a combo dance to Usher's "Yeah"... was SOUL fun to let loose and learn how to groove with the music!

Camp soulGrow Summer 2017 - Week 7