We know how important it is to take care of our bodies and that exercise keeps us healthy and strong, so we LOVE working out and having fun together! We took Field Fitness with our Head Kid who is also a certified personal trainer and learned different ways to get our heart rates up, stretch and breathe during exercising, and of course, how to push ourselves! We did boot camp drills, stretches, races, played Red Rover, and since we worked up such a sweat, we broke out the 100-ft slip n slide! We feel SO amazing inside and out and are so grateful to be able to feel this alive!!!

We had such a special and fun time learning music with Ms Laura Maruzzella! We learned tongue twisters, vocal warmups, how to find beats and create melodies, and we sang our own songs! Thank you so much for sharing your passion and talents with us, we love you, La!!!!

Every year we look forward to learning how to surf with Corey's Wave! Today we had SUCH an amazing time putting our fears behind us and braving our first surf lessons together! And what a confidence boost and wonderful new passion for us to pursue! Thank you Corey's Wave for inspiring us with your generosity and talent and for teaching surfing workshops for us 3 years in a row!!! We love you!

Bootcamp & Slip n Slide at Third House

We love being creative and making things our own style-- which is why we love to tie dye and wear our shirts to express ourselves! We had such a blast tie-dying Camp SoulGrow T-Shirts... We danced, sang, told jokes and played games... then we made custom fruit smoothies! We love being healthy, creative, and having fun together!

Camp soulGrow Summer 2017 - Week 3

Hiking & Beach Party in Hampton Bays

TieDye and Smoothies in Hampton Bays

Stained Glass Muraling with Ralph Perricelli

We are so grateful to be able to grow in such a beautiful and special place as Squiretown Park!!! We took a short hike through the woods down the bluff to the bay and had a wonderful and fun beach day! How awesome it is to be kids and we just love outdoor summer fun!!!!

Music, popcorn, creativity and laughter... all that and so much more is what we share when Mr Ralph comes to camp! Today we popped popcorn, worked on our stained glass and driftwood mural, learned how to use a router and chisel, pastel painted giant rocks, then had a costume dance party!!! Thanks so much Ralph for being such a great part of our camp, we love you!!!

Surfing with Corey's Wave Professional Surf Instruction

Music with La Maruzzella