We spent the afternoon making a beautiful floral wreath to present during the Veterans Day Flag Ceremony tomorrow at The Playhouse (flowers generously provided by Strawberry Fields) ..and we also made cards & pins for our Vets to show our gratitude & appreciation for their sacrifice & commitment for our freedom! We are proud to be American and so honored to be a part of such a special ceremony tomorrow!!!

We had such a fun time, on such a beautiful day, honoring our Veterans and those who have served our country! We started at the Camp SoulGrow Studio, then took our SoulGrow Bus to the Montauk Playhouse, and had a beautiful ceremony... the boyscouts were there, along with fellow citizens of our community who came to honor our Veterans. During the ceremony we hung the floral wreath we made, watched the flag raise, heard inspiring speeches from local Vets, and heard beautiful military music... It was truly special and we are honored to be a part of it! After the ceremony we had hot chocolate and handed out the cards & pins we made! Thennnnnn we jumped back on our SoulGrow Bus and partied our way over to Third House! We played musical instruments, painted, played kickball, visited the horses, and sang songs together before jumping back on the bus and being brought home by our awesome bus driver, Matthew Galcik! What a TOTALLY fun way to spend such a special day together with our community, being respectful, loving, creative, energetic, musical, and patriotic!!!!!!!!

Veterans Day Flag Ceremony at The Montauk Playhouse / Fun at Third House

Veterans Day Prep at The Studio