Our Summer Soiree at Gurney's Yacht Club was absolutely spectacular and we are so grateful! The children made all the decorations, Ralphie & Dylan from The Waylan Brothers performed (along with special guests camper Scarlett Lavin and Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman), we had amazing food, amazing people! We had our first ever SoulGrow Awards and honored Mother of the Year: Janet Luengas, Business of the Year: The Surf Lodge, Influencer of the Year: Jay Schneiderman, Volunteer of the Year: Carol Sharks, and our special SoulGiver of the Year: Mackenzie Lane Miller! We are grateful for all the support and love what we do! Special Thanks to Anna Schafer, Arnaz Bhujwalla, BNB Bank, Catherine LeFevre, Christopher Conroy, Gurney's Montauk Yacht Club, Hayden Luengas, Jayleen Schiappacasse, Jessica Pilot, Kate Nicolai, Lily Pond Services, Lucia Ibrahim, Mama & Tata, Navy Beach Restaurant, Ralph Perricelli, Scarlett Lavin, Scarpetta Restaurant, The Montauk Sun, The Waylan Brothers, Tom Donahue, Tommy Grenci, all the people that came, those who bought raffle tickets.. and of course the children!!!

Summer Soiree at The Montauk Yacht Club