We love using our energy in productive ways that make us feel great, so today was SUCH a great day being able to go to Body Tech! We took our SoulGrow Bus over to Body Tech Fitness and had such a blast learning fun and healthy ways to workout with Merete Cavanaugh!! Merete showed us around the gym and the machines, then we warmed up, did some drills and strength training, had races, jumprope contests, learned fun exercises, played basketball, stretched, then were given Body Tech Fitness T-shirts!!!!!! What a totally great time being healthy and active.. we feel so great! Thank you so much Merete and Body Tech Fitness-- we love you!!

What a wonderful time we always have when Ms Eileen comes and shares her talents and creativity with us! And as a bonus, we got the Devlin family package with Hali and Mr Robbie coming and helping out!! Today's theme was caring for and giving love (and food) to our feathered friends... It's cold here in Montauk and not all birds have access to food, so we made bird houses and bird feeders! We made the houses out of recycled materials, decorated them, learned a special knot and tying technique to hang them, and filled the bottoms with sand and rocks for weight. Hali showed us how to make the feeders using recycled mesh, peanut butter, bird seeds, oatmeal, and other special ingredients the birds will love to eat. After we finished our houses and feeders we painted and decorated real scallop shells and had a great time being creative together. Thanks you SO MUCH Ms Eileen, Hali, and Mr Robbie for sharing so much compassionate and creative knowledge and love with us!!! We can't wait for summer when we make fish and chips with you at Salivar's!!! :)

What a wonderful week this has been!!! We ended our 4th annual Presidents’ Week with a Baking, Music, and Painting day filled with freedom, creativity and love!!!! Mr Karl Stork came over with his specialty baker secrets and shared more sweet creative life... we enjoyed decorating and sampling all the baked good then painted and played music, sang, danced, made popcorn, and just enjoyed being free kids!!!! Thank you SOUL MUCH to all the people that came to inspire us... especially Laura Marruzella, Matthew Galcik, Kate Nicolai, Merete Cavanaugh of Body Tech Fitness, Eileen Devlin, Hali Devlin, Rob Devlin, Karl Stork, Erica Arias and Hayden Luengas!!!!! We will remember this week forever!!!

Marble Art with Matthew & Kate

We had such a fun and invigorating time learning music with Ms Laura! We learned warmup tongue twisters, how to use our voice, some piano keys, and had such a blast making music together! Thank you Ms Laura for all your musical guidance and love!!!!​

We had such a fun time being creative with Matthew and Kate! We made popcorn, then we had the french artist Pepe (Matthew) teach us how to mix acrylic and liquitex to make marble art that is sooooo fascinating, fun, and professional looking, then we decorated and crafted a different creatives, played music from the dj booth and had a great time being together! Thank you Matthew and Kate for all you do for us, we love you SOUL much!!!!

4th Annual Presidents' Week at the Camp SoulGrow Studio

Baking, Painting, and Music with Mr Karl Stork 

Bootcamp at Body Tech Fitness with Merete Cavanaugh

Making Bird Houses & Bird Feeders with Ms Eileen Devlin & family

Music with Ms Laura Marruzella