​Haunted House Prep Party I & II

Welllll..... why not keep the party going while we prep for our Haunted House at the Lighthouse!?!? ;0 With 208lbs of candy generously donated from Claas Abraham, we certainly came prepared to get to work today! ;0 ;0 Yes, so, we had an an amaaaaaazzing time making all the candy bags-- each one custom painted, stamped, and filled with goodies for all Haunted House goers to enjoy free of cost! We had SUCH A BLAST ...and... We are SO filled with gratitude and excitement for every community event we can offer-- and love putting our heart and souls into spreading the love to all!!

We had SO MUCH FUN this afternoon at the Camp SoulGrow Studio partying and preparing for our Haunted House at the Lighthouse this Saturday and Sunday!!! We are so grateful to have such wonderful opportunities to be able to have fun together being creative, while giving back to our community!