Matthew Galcik​​

Matthew Galcik has been a part of Camp soulGrow for over 4 years! 

"Over the winter, and into the spring, every now and then I would hear or read something called Camp SoulGrow.  Around the beginning of the summer a friend told me that Camp SoulGrow could use a person to transport the kids with their bus a couple of days a week to the camps.  Easy stuff I figured, I've been in transportation for 34 years.  Cut and dry I thought.  A bus driver for a bunch of kids.. or so I thought.  Boy was I wrong!!  When I went into the studio for the first time, I realized very quickly that this just wasn't a 9 to 3 situation where kids would be in the same spot day after day looking out at the world from the inside out; but that most of their time would be happily spent on the outside-- communing with Mother Nature, finding themselves, looking within.  My first time in the SoulGrow Bus with the children, I immediately knew that my life would be changed forever!  I was no longer just a driver, but felt That I was now part of something that for me was very genuine, very good.  Seeing The world through the eyes of children, hearing their laughter, thoughtful expressions, beautiful smiles, the dancing and singing and newly forged friendships all showed me just how beautiful Montauk, and life itself, really can be!  .And now Thanks to London and all of the people that so selflessly give their time and support for all of these children, I now found myself totally immersed in a loving and caring family, accepted in a wonderful and thoughtful place that is so rightly called, Camp SoulGrow!"