Camp SoulGrow 2023 Holidays at The Buras YMCA - March



Spring is here and we are SOUL grateful to be able to be outside!! We had such a BALL playing kickball and living free!!!

We started our post-Mardi Gras Camp SoulGrow Holidays at the Y with gratitude, peace, focus and mindfulness by practicing morning yoga together. We set our intentions, worked on our breathing, lit incense and learned over 30 poses from each other. We each got in the center and picked yoga flash cards, practiced the poses, and said positive and affirming mantras for each one. During shavasana, the lights were off and the teens fanned us while we went deep into a relaxing, peaceful and rejuvenating state of mind. We meditated, laughed, stretched, challenged ourselves, and worked together expanding our body and souls. We felt centered and strong and grateful. What a wonderful way to start the day! After yoga we went in the kitchen and made ourselves big plates of food and had a lunch party!

We had a groovin’ time being outside, making music together! It was a nice and overcast and we chilled out, learning about different genres of music, how to count music, different percussion instruments and how they sound.. we sang our Camp SoulGrow rap and had a great time being in rhythm together, making magic!!!

We love expressing ourselves and creating with our hands, so of course we had so much fun making pottery!! We made tons of different sculptures, creations, and gifts for our loved ones, while telling jokes and sharing time together.. We are SOUL grateful and our hearts are full!!!