We made a beautiful garden around the MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH post and potted our own plants to take home. The history of this place is just as beautiful as the location and we are honored and excited to grow here... Peace is Prevailing and this is just the beginning!!!   :)

We had a pizza party (thank you Francesca's Pizzeria for delivering to us in the woods ;))... You can't imagine how much fun we were having- then Ms Laura Maruzzella came by and played her guitar for us... we all sang songs together then learned how to sew a running stitch and made our own pillows! 

Wow!  we are SO excited to open in Hampton Bays! Our location in Squiretown Park is historic, beautiful beyond words and we are so grateful! We painted our signs then went on a hike and climbed down (and up!) 125ft dune to the water where we skipped rocks and laughed with our new friends! We got great exercise and had and tons of laughs outdoors in the beauty of nature :)

Opening Day in Hampton Bays!