DAY 4: Calisthenics & Paper Mache

We are so excited to have the week off and spend our time at Gurney's having a happy, healthy, creative and fun time together meeting new friends and trying new things!  Today was Day 1 and it was a beautiful day!  We had Fitness Bootcamp with our Head Kid where we learned how to exercise and train like a Marine!  We had a great time learning new exercises, pushing ourselves and got a great workout with tons of laughs!  After our workout we painted, danced, played in the arcade, and had lunch before Public Speaking.  In Public Speaking we took the time to think about our voice and how we want to use it... Our topic was "What Kids Need in the World Today"... We wrote bullet points for our speeches on que cards and thought about how we would defend the points we wanted to make... Once we went in the conference room we learned different techniques to capture the audience, deliver impactful speeches, and conquer nervousness... and we learned how to properly use a microphone.  Then we all gave our speeches!  We learned how to control the room, hold our power, and not let the audience sway our voice!   We also played a fun game passing the microphone, improving for 20 seconds while being timed and continuing the story.. our imaginations were free and we were thinking on our toes, together, growing.  It was a truly special day!!!

Today we started the day with a relaxing and super invigorating yoga camp with our yoga kid, Ashlynn Manning... We learned how to calm our minds, stretch our bodies, and open our hearts while overlooking the beautiful ocean at Gurney's! Ashlynn is SUCH a special instructor and friend and constantly shows us how yoga can be fun and "not boring" ;-) We laughed so much and felt amazing! After yoga we had a pizza, painting, and dance party! After letting loose we decided to sew it up (haha) with Kate and we learned how to thread a needle, make patterns on fabric to cut, sew a running stitch, and use stuffing! We had such a great time sewing, creating using our hands, having real conversations, helping each other, and learning practical, valuable skills. What a wonderful day meeting new friends to last a lifetime-- we are so grow together!!!!

3rd Annual Presidents' Week at Gurney's

DAY 1: Bootcamp & Public Speaking

DAY 5: HipHop & Mardi Gras Party

We started out the day doing calisthenics with our head kid and learned different exercises to do using our own bodyweight, stretches, and how to make sure our form is correct to keep our bodies safe while working out! We shared exercises and made a combination workout that tested our bodies and minds- and challenged ourselves to do it in reverse as well! It was a fun time and we felt great working together and taking the time to learn the basics with fitness. After calisthenics we went to the beach and played chicken with the waves!!! It was such a foggy day and we had the beach to ourselves, taking in the beauty of nature while having so much fun with all of our new friends! After we went to the beach we had a lunch+dance+limbo party! After lunch we learned how to make paper mache with "Kate the Great" and had such a fun time getting messy and crafty! While our paper mache was drying we broke up into groups and performed skits for each other... and sang Happy Birthday to our new camper and friend Zoe... what a super fun day!!!!

DAY 3: Swimming & Target Practice

We started off our day in the seawater pool at Gurney's getting good exercise and having fun together... we played games, races, and had so much fun being in the warm water overlooking the cold ocean water!! After swimming we had lunch, a dance party, made art and some bracelets.. then started target practice! In target practice we learned different ways to focus and hit different types of goals... we had such a blast meeting new friends, having fun, and learning traditional skills!

DAY 2: Yoga & Sewing

We started out our day with a fun hiphop class taught by our Head Kid where we learned about isolations, how to warm up and how to be loose but keep control... We had a fun time learning the "Cupid Shuffle" combination and had such a fun and funky time dancing with the lights off!!! After hiphop we had a singing & dancing lunch party and played games... Then we had a Mardi Gras Party! We learned about the history of Mardi Gras, listened to some authentic music, made carnival masks, facepainted and made decorations... And in true Mardi Gras spirit, we threw a parade for the parents, threw beads, and performed our dance! It was such a fun day and we are so grateful to let the good times roll!!!! Thank you Gurney's for having us this week it is such a fun & special tradition for so many!!!!!!!