Handpainting an 18' Mural with Aubrey Roemer

Today we painted with our art kid, Aubrey Roemer, and started our 18 foot mural to hang on the outside of our Camp SoulGrow Studio. We learned color theory, perspective, and interpretation of form. Our mural is a field of sunflowers, under a Montauk sunset... stay tuned for the final product!! :)

Hampton Bays

We had a wonderful day in Hampton Bays! We went on a nature hike, then painted, cared for our garden, made a new trail, and danced, acted, and played games loving life and being free! ..Oh yea, then we got ice cream!! ;) Another awesome day being in nature with new friends, exploring, creating, appreciating and growing!

Party Prep with Aubrey Roemer

We are soooooooo excited for our 2nd Anniversary Party!!! We made sunflower decorations and sewed flags... and much more but you'll see at the party ;) We had such a fun time preparing for the community to come celebrate with us-- and making things with love!!! :)

​Camp SoulGrow 07/25-30/2016

Horses 101 with Bri Carillo

Today we had a fun time learning all about horses and how to care for them with Equestrian Extraordinaire and our friend, Bri Carillo! We learned all the body parts of horses, how to care for them, and even how to ride them!!! It was a beautiful day at their ranch and we had such a blast learning so much! Special thanks to Bri and Diane Carillo for your continued support- we love you!

Minigolf at Puff & Putt

We went to Puff & Putt and played mini golf.. We had such a blast playing the fun and unique 18-hole course overlooking beautiful Fort Pond! We also went to John's Drive In and had delicious soft serve ice cream, which was so perfect on such a beautiful, sunny summer day! We went back to our studio and danced, played, painted our mural, made music, and watered our garden! :) We have fun every day and are grateful to have so many experiences with so many different people in such a creative, loving, and accepting environment always!!!

Firefighter Challenge with Chris Carillo & Chief Joe Lenahan

Wooooahhhh what a totally unforgettable day! We had the most exciting day at the firehouse!!! Mr Chris Carillo & Chief Joe Lenahan prepared such an awesome interactive firefighter challenge for us! They set up an obstacle coarse for us and we had real hands-on training! They also had the EMS department inside the ambulance so we could have water and get our heart rate+blood pressure checked... we also got to spray the hose and ride in the 100ft ladder! We checked out the inside of the firetrucks and saw all the equipment they use... and at the end of the day we received Junior Firefighter Certificates! What a totally awesome experience and we are so grateful for all that you do for your community!!!! Beyond a special thank you to the Montauk Fire Department --you are true heroes and we admire you so much-- thanks for all you do!!!!