Floral Window Hangings with Martine

We loveeeeee Martine -everyone does!!!- so today we had a relaxing and creative time at our studio making floral window hangings with her!!! We went outside and collected natural elements then arranged them to be melted together, making a beautiful window hanging where light shines around the flowers-- Martine thank you for shining your light around us! :) xoxo

Fishing Trip on the Lazybones

WE ARE READY FOR OUR NEXT TRIP! :) :) :) :) :)THE LAZYBONES IS ONE OF OUR FAVORITE EXPERIENCES IN MONTAUK!!!! We had absolutely the most memorable and FISH FILLED days ever, with the best people on such a gorgeous day!!! The biggest thanks to Ms Kathy & Mr Mike Vegessi for being such amazing hosts, guides, and friends to the community-- the adventures you offer people, along with safety and family-feel, are beyond magical and we really appreciate all the wonderful hospitality from you and your crew!!!! We will remember today forever! Thank you Lazybones!!!

PS: Each kid caught over 5 fish!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Horses 101 with Bri Carillo

Today we had such a fun time learning all about horses and how to care for them with Equestrian Extraordinaire and our friend, Bri Carillo! We learned all the body parts of horses, how to care for them, and even how to ride them!!! It was a beautiful day at their ranch and we had such a blast learning so much! Special thanks to Bri and Diane Carillo for your continued support- we love you so much!!!

​Camp SoulGrow 07/18-22/2016

Bootcamp with BodyTech Fitness

What a fun workout! We went to Body Tech Fitness and took a kids bootcamp fitness class inside the gym! We got our heart rates up with tons of smiles and laughs-- but it was no joke! We learnes how to stretch, breathe, we did sprints, circuit training, light weights, and partnering exercises! With this summer heat we are so thankful for Body Tech to have us workout in the ac! :) Thanks so much Body Tech we feel strong, healthy, and super happy!

Hula Luau with Diane Carillo

Aloha! What a delightful and fun time we had learning the Hawaiian culture from Ms Kathy & Mr Richary Cooney! We learned about the history of the beautiful islands, the culture, some words & terms, and how to hula dance!!!! They were so kind and even brought us hula skirts, leis, pineapple & watermelon! We had such a fun time dancing-- we didn't want to stop!!! :) :) Huge thanks to Ms Diane Carillo and Ms Kathy & Mr Richard Cooney-- we will never forget today-- thanks for sharing your loving light!! Mahalo!!!!!!

Yoga and Singing with Ashley Manning

Starting the day in the beauty and serenity of nature doing yoga with our yoga kid, Ashlynn Manning, is one of our favorite things to do at Third House! Special thanks to Ashlynn Manning for being our yoga kid and always heping us find our inner balance and helping us stretch our bodies, minds, and hearts!

Hampton Bays

Today we had a wonderful day at our Hampton Bays location in Squiretown Park-- we took a beautiful hike through the forest down to the beach, then we cared for our garden and added a fence with natural elements we found... then we tie-dyed tshirts, had a pizza party, played hide & seek, and just enjoyed being alive and free! We are so grateful for this amazing place! What a great day with new friends surrounded in the beauty of nature!

Plastic Ocean Exhibition and Lighthouse

We had a very colorful, adventurous and enlightening morning at the Lighthouse! We hiked around the rocks exploring and appreciating the world we live in, taking notice to all the beauty of nature... Then we went up to the "Plastic Ocean" Exhibition with Mr Greg Donahue and learned about the waste in the world and what we can do to prevent our oceans being filled with plastic! Take 3!!! Thank you Mr Greg and congrats on a great exhibition! ..and then of course we rolled down the hill with such a beautiful view.. wouldn't YOU?! ;)

Cartoon Drawing with Peter Spacek

We had so much fun learning how to make cartoons with Peter!!! Thank you so much Peter Spacek for coming and taking the time to teach us how to use our imagination and learn how to make our drawings come to life!!!! We're honored to be your friend and thankful for your second summer giving back to us!!!