We are so appreciative and we love to create, so we love Appreci-art! We hung out together in the studio and made thoughtful and thankful cards for the special people and businesses that help us grow! ...And we had the most awesome surprise visit from our Bridgehampton National Bank family, Mr Kevin O'connor the President of BNB and Ms Jill Ramundo the Manager--- for these people we have this wonderful space to create, grow, and spread love! Thank you endlessly BNB-- you truly stand for community!!!!! ...While our appreci-art creations were drying, we took a stroll across the street to Buddahberry for some frozen yogurt as a treat :) :) It was a fantastic day filled with love, creativity & gratitude!!!

Water-gun / Yard Party at Third House

Well, it's summer right?!? :) We have so much fun at Third House, meeting new friends, feeling free and loving nature! We had a water gun & yard party in our front yard and --it's days like these that feel like SUMMER-- had such a blast!!! We also made art, cared for our garden, and made music... then we took our SoulGrow Bus back to the Camp SoulGrow Studio and continued the joy! Special thanks to Matthew Galcik, our #SoulGrowBus driver, and Devon & Bella for being awesome friends and heping us have such a fun day!!!

Water Testing with the Surfrider Foundation

Today we had such an incredible hands-on learning experience with The Surfrider Foundation! We went over on our SoulGrow Bus to South Lake and tested the water! We learned so many ways bacteria can pollute our water, how to keep our oceans clean, and better ways to treat the earth! We also made real seashell necklaces! Special thanks to The Surfrider Foundation for coming and helping us understand the importance of water quality and what we can do to preserve our natural resources!!!

​Camp SoulGrow 07/11-15/2016

Gymnastics with Kate Usher

We had such a great time learning gymnastics with Kate. We did stretching in our studio, then went outside under the tree and worked on balance, strength training, and did obstacle relay races. Everyone in the class did a forward roll, and some even did backbends! We also did a hula hoop contest for fun! What a blast! Thanks so much Kate! We love you!!