Kayaking with Weekend Warrior Kayak Tours

We had such an awesome day on the stillest water at Navy Road with Weekend Warrior Kayak Tours! We kayaked, swam, sang, and had such a great time being active outdoors on the water! Thanks Weekend Warrior Kayak Tours for our 2nd summer together!!!

Art with Sharks at Third House

Art with Sharks! We had such a fun time making bird nest creations with Carol Sharks..we decided to hang in our dace room at Third House and just be chill.. we learned about different types of birds and used fun materials to make the most adorable bird nest creations we could imagine... and, we even acted like them and making every birdsong we could think of! haha what a fun time!

Cooking in the Kitchen at Salivar's

What a totally VIP day- Thanks SO much Salivar's for opening your restaurant for us on your only day off! Ms Eileen, Hali, Parker, and Mr Rob were the most amazing hosts and teachers.... we learned all about fish, how to filet fish, batter and cook! After we were in the kitchen we went upstairs and enjoyed playing games on their beautiful deck and enjoyed the food we made! We were lucky also to see the lazybones fishing boat come in .. what a real-deal seafood restaurant experience with the most real-deal and generous people! We left the Devlin family on our SoulGrow bus with full tummies and full hearts! Thanks again we will never forget today!

Field Fitness with our Head Kid

We know how important it is to have a healthy body, so we use our front lawn as our gym! We did Field Fitness with our Head Kid + certified personal trainer and we learned new and fun exercises that helped get our heart rates up, then we learned how to breathe while exercising and tips on how to build our endurance, we learned stretches, cool strengthening tricks, and had a blast being outdoors, pushing ourselves, and letting loose! We started off tired but broke through and had so much extra energy, so we played more red rover & kickball!!! We stayed hydrated thanks to The Montauk Friends of Erin! What a great day :)

Silkscreening Tshirts at Whalebone Creative

Thanks Whalebone Creative for giving us a super hands-on and totally behind-the-scenes silk screening & design experience! And thanks again for having us now 3 summers in a row!

Salt Cave & Sand Castles

We had such a blast at The Montuak Salt Cave with Ms Lisa! We came in and learned about the relaxing and healing benefits of the Himalayan Sea Salt... we learned how to Meditate and Breathe... told stories, and sang songs.... Then we walked to Mermaid Beach and surprised Dominick with a Birthday cake for his 10th birthday, built Sand Castles and enjoyed the beauty of nature and the freedom of life! What a great afternoon-- we feel so wonderful!!!!!!  Special Thank you to Shannon Coppola of the Montauk Salt Cave-- we love you and everything you've created, thanks for having us!!!

Face Painting & Kick Ball at Third House

Face painting & Kickball. Well.. why not?!  ;) Special thanks to our awesome kickball friends, Diane+Bri Carillo.. What a fun time being outside and free, active, and laughing with new friends! We love Montauk and know that every day is a gift so we try to learn, appreciate, create, and grow... while having fun doing so!

Painting the inside of our SoulGrow Bus!

Today was the first official day using our SoulGrow Bus and boyyyy does it have soul! We love our Bus and we love that it's OURS!  :)

Sailor Luncheon at Navy Beach Restaurant

What an awesome Sailor Luncheon at Navy Beach Restaurant!!!! Captain Shannon McLellan of Heron Yacht Charters and Leyla Marchetto of Navy Beach led us in a totally fun and interesting Sailor 101 crash coarse where we learned Sailor terms, How to tie a Bowline knot, and How to understand the Maritime Signal Flag Alphabet-- and we made our own! ...Then we had an awesome time having a delicious lunch provided by Navy Beach Restaurant, enjoying their breathtaking waterfront location and wonderful staff! Thank you SO much Navy Beach Restaurant-- this was SUCH an unforgettable camp and you really went above & beyond preparing for us! We love and appreciate your enthusiasm!!!! THANK YOU SOUL MUCH!!! :)

Monday Night Concert on The Green

What a wonderful community we live in! Tonight we went to the kickoff show of the Monday Night Concerts on the Green put on by The Montauk Chamber of Commerce and enjoyed music by "Job Potter & Friends", played Dominoes, danced, did cartwheels until we were dizzy, laughed and chilled out enjoying Montauk Life with our community on the green right in front of our studio! Life is great and we are SOUL grateful!

Montauk Community Garden

We love our community and we love to garden... it's no wonder we love our Montauk Community Garden!  :) It's been such a pleasure learning from, caring for, and watching it grow and we are grateful! to Mr Greg Donahue, Mr Bill Becker, and Ms Susan Vitale for all the wonderful opportunities! 

4th of July Bake Sale at The Montauket

We loveeeee coming to the Montauket and hanging with all the great people during sunset! For 4th of July weekend, we sold homemade cookies, cupcakes, sunglasses and umbrellas.. we also hula hooped and made people sweet "flags" to remind them thy are special! We love to make people smile!  :) The Puglia family is so generous and amazing and we appreciate the opportunity to spread some sweetness to help support our charity! Thank so much Montauket for all your hospitality & support always!

​Camp SoulGrow 06/27-07/01/2016

Abstract Mosaic Woodcrafts with Ralph Perricelli

We had the most peaceful and creative time with Stained Glass/Wood Craft expert, Mr Ralph Perricelli! He was SUCH a great host--- he started the camp surprising us with a vintage Popcorn maker and made fresh popcorn that we enjoyed on the deck while getting to know each other, then we learned about wood crafts and how to cut glass.. we learned about the process of Mosaics and we made our own, then sang songs and painted them while Mr Ralphie was playing the guitar for us!!!!! We had such a peaceful, mellow, super creative and down to earth time and we are so grateful to have such wonderful people around us!

4th of July BNB Hotdog Day at our Camp SoulGrow Studio

We had such a fun time helping BNB pass out their annual free hotdogs for 4th of July to everyone in the community! We also made 4th of July Tshirts and cards :)  

We love Bridgehampton National Bankand we love our community-- Happy 4th of July!!!